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I want to share my module that can be useful for developers: CheatSheet for Kohana 3.0. It is very simple, generates list of classes with parameters/methods in present Kohana 3 installation. For me it is often more useful to see all accessible stuff altogether instead of looking for some method in API Reference. My module also can show parameter/method description and params if they exist. See screenshot:

To install unpack folder in modules/, than activate it in application/bootstrap.php (Kohana Userguide module should be present and activated):

'userguide'   => MODPATH.'userguide',
'cheatsheet'   => MODPATH.'cheatsheet',

In modules/cheatsheet/config/cs.php enumerate classes to omit in the cheatsheet (lowercase!), for example:

return array
'class' => array ('kodoc','kodoc_method','kodoc_property','kodoc_markdown'),

Browse  <Kohana baseurl>/cs — and try to enjoy. I18n is not supported yet, planned in later releases. 

More structured documentation in Russian and English can be found in distributive (see README files). 

I thought about pdf export, but decided it would be redundant.

Module uses jQuery and Columnizer jQuery Plugin

Скачать/Download CheatSheet v. 0.2 0 (zipped ~32K) Info page

[dc]Download v. 0.1[/dc] (zipped ~30K)

Русскоязычная страница модуля

I love critics!

UPD2 See live example

UPD Tested in FF 3.5 and Opera 10.

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1 NetChaos 25-10-2009 02:00

Tried your module, its a great one superb idea and well executed, much much better than a PDF cheatsheet.

2 Александр Купреев 26-10-2009 12:03

Thanks for reply, NetChaos! I'll try to make some improvements a little bit later.

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